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The High Performance Organisation-scan (HPO-scan) dashboard for performance improvement & benchmarking

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How vital is your organisation? What about your ability to learn and change? A healthy organisation adapts to its surroundings, which makes it competitive. The organisational framework must meet a number of requirements for excellent work, learning and changing. A High Performance Organisation (HPO) is characterised by a balanced high score on the four distinctive quadrants of the organisational culture (perspectives, dimensions):

  • Strategy & Results-oriented
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • People & Engagement
  • Planning & Business Processes

A questionnaire has been created to determine the ability of the organisation to learn and change. This questionnaire provides insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation and possible imbalances. You and your colleagues must answer 140 questions with:

  • Yes, this applies to the organisation
  • Kind of applies to the organisation
  • No, this does not apply to the organisation

If enough participants have completed the scan, you will be contacted to make an appointment to discuss the results. You will be given all scores for your organisation on the comprehensive dashboard. The relationship between the scores and areas for improvement can be determined. This diagnosis should be done by a select group of people from your organisation using the Work meeting Complex Issues.

An approach to these action points is the use of work-learn processes as described in the ´De High Performance Organisatie. Leiderschap, strategie, beleid en cultuur´ by drs. Jan-Dirk den Breejen MBE, CM (Vakmedianet, 2017). If desired, the answers can be scientifically analysed.

The HPO-scan will inform you about the strengths of your organisation. Your information is strictly confidential and is used solely to improve our services.

  • Introductory package: book "De High Performance Organisatie" and the HPO-Scan for 3 employees 170,- EUR
  • Basic package: book "De High Performance Organisatie" and the HPO-Scan for up to 10 employees 950,- EUR
  • Unlimited package: book "De High Performance Organisatie" and the HPO-Scan for >10 employees 1750,- EUR

(The prices exclude VAT and apply for each taken test)

For more information, contact drs. Jan-Dirk den Breejen on,,


A 360-degree evidence-based report of your organisation on the four cultural dimensions and 140 aspects of business. Perfect as a baseline for change processes.

The High Performance Organisation of Personae has been scientifically studied for its test quality and has been proven to be highly reliable: Download the fact sheet.



The HPO-scan of Movisie has provided more insight into the way we cooperate and learn. We know that we have good mutual contact and a pleasant atmospher. When push comes to shove, we have trouble really going for something, to make choices and to appeal to each other's knowledge. The results of the scan were clear. There is a contradiction in our organisation between the family culture versus the management culture. By making clearer choices and focussing more on the result we want to achieve, we will be able to get further and create more urgency and motivation to share the present knowledge

Annelies Kooiman, consultant at knowledge institute Movisie, Utrecht, May 11, 2016

Thomas Regout International B.V. has started a change process in 2014 which affects the processes and organisation form significantly. This process takes several; years. Due to significant changes in the field of managing, development and cooperation, the culture needs to change as well. In order to measure the co-called 'temperature of the change process among the staff, we have done the HPO-scan of Jan den Breejen. This scan gives a quick impression of how people experience working at the organisation. The results of the HPO-scan closely match the ideas of the staff and certainly highlights the aspects the organisation still needs to improve.

Ruud Keulen, Director Operations Thomas Regout International B.V.

Graduation research?

Students may be eligible for a graduation discount. Send us an email ( with a brief description of your graduation project using the HPO-tool and we will contact you.

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